Tributyl Phosphate

Tributyl Phosphate

Tributyl Phosphate (tributyl ester of phosphoric acid, TBP; Phosflex 4; Defoamer; Defoamer ZOC-X60L, C12H27O4P) is a clear, colourless liquid.

It is used as an effective solvent for resins, rubbers, printing inks, and other hardly soluble materials. It is used in Применяется в  radiochemistry , when working with nuclear fuel, in the production of plastic, etc. It is an anti-foaming agent in the manufacture of pulp and paper products and an extractant in the extraction of individual elements.

MPC of the C12H27O4P in air: 2.5 mg/m/span3.

TBP is not a flammable or explosive substance.

In case of contact with skin or mucous membranes, tributyl phosphate causes severe irritation, therefore, when working with the substance, you shall use a respirator, eye and hand protection.

Inhalation of vapours of tributyl ester of phosphoric acid may cause weakness, dizziness, pain in the head or abdomen, respiratory failure, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea.

Observing safety precautions when using TBP, as well as timely detecting the exceeding of the tributyl phosphate MPC by the “Jasmine” Gas Detector, may exclude personal injury cases.

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