Boilers, Power Facilities (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons)

Boilers, Power Facilities (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons)

In recent years, we have seen an increase in interest in heating boilers. Comfortable and fast heating of rooms and buildings is ensured by the operation of a boiler room based on solid or liquid fuels. When burning the fuels, in the air of the working area of industrial premises, the increase in CO (carbon monoxide) concentrations is possible, which is, according to GOST 12.1005-88, a harmful substance of 4th hazard class, or those of flammable gases CHn. Exceeding the maximum permissible concentration of carbon monoxide causes poisoning and can lead to death; hydrocarbon vapours are quite explosive. Excess concentration can trigger a violent explosion.

The reason for the excess concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and combustible gases in the air of boiler rooms is the malfunction of the fuel-burning units.

To prevent incidents that could be harmful to health, it is necessary to use gas detectors for boiler rooms, which are capable to perform real-time measuring of the concentration of one, or more components of gas mixtures and signal that the established thresholds are exceeded. 

Requirements for the use, design, installation, and operation of combustible gas detectors are specified in GOST R 52350.29.2-2010.

Requirements for the use, design, installation, and operation of CO gas detectors are given in RD 12-341-00010. Below are some of them:

- devices must continuously monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air of the working area and have an alarm about exceeding the established thresholds; the sensitivity of the devices shall be selective and they shall be not cross-sensitive to other toxic gases;
- the alarm about the exceeding of the CO concentration shall have two thresholds: Threshold 1 upon reaching a 20 mg/m3 concentration of CO in the working area (MPCwa). 
- the light alarm blinks; Threshold 2 upon reaching a 100 mg/m3 concentration of CO (5 MPCwa).
in this case, the light signal glows continuously and the sound signal is also being turned on;
- it shall be possible to turn on (off) emergency ventilation (a voltage free output relay contact), as well as turn off the fuel supply (a voltage free output relay contact);
- the presence of a common alarm console when using several carbon monoxide detectors;
- the design of a CO gas detector must meet the requirements of GOST 13320-81;
- have a “Rostekhnadzor” permission to use;
- have a GOST R conformity certificate;
- the devices shall operate reliably at temperatures of 0 to +50° C.
In the equipment line manufactured by the “INKRAM” LLC Research and Production Company, a series of gas detectors and gas detecting systems for boiler rooms is presented:
 Газоанализатор пропан SKVA-01 Gas Detecting System

       газоанализатор co ch      SKVA-03 Gas Detecting System

       газоанализатор сигнал    SKVA-01-1.E Single-Channel Stationary Type Gas Detector

   микро газоанализатор   A200, A300 B300, C300 Transducers

The equipment presented will ensure the compliance with the safety requirements in boiler rooms of any size, it is convenient to use and highly reliable.

Due to the fact that various requirements are imposed on domestic and industrial boilers, the gas detectors can be made both explosion-proof and unprotected, as well as represent several temperatures versions. 

All devices are included in the register of measuring instruments and supplied tested along with sensors, which is noted in the Product Data Sheet.

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