Verification and Graduation

We carry out a full range of activities (turnkey) on the design, delivery, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of gas detecting systems (from the analysis of the technical specifications of the Customer to training of personnel) without involving third-party organizations.
This allows us to reduce your time, and form a “fair” price for you for the supplied system, for the shortest possible time. The minimum necessary participation from the Customer is necessary for the coordination and approval of the certain stages of the development of the gas detecting system. Using this service of our company, you will receive a functionally complete gas detecting system meeting all the requirements of your technical specifications.

Verification and Graduation

The “INKRAM” LLC Research and Production Company provides services for the verification and calibration of equipment.

Verification of the SKVA-01, SKVA-01M, SKVA-03 Systems:

1. Visual inspection

An external examination shall establish:

- оthe absence of mechanical damage (cracks, dents, oxidized contacts, etc.) affecting the performance of individual elements of the System, and the System as a whole, as well as the communication lines;

- the presence of the system marking in accordance with the requirements of Section 6 “Marking” of the Operation Manual EKRM.411741.003 RE;ЕКРМ.411741.003 РЭ;

2. Testing

During testing, a general check of the functioning of the system when turning on the electric power, is carried out. The test result is considered positive if:

- Measurement information is displayed on the display of the Alarm and Control Module;

- The NORM signal is continuously ‘on’ on the front panel of the Alarm and Control Module;

- the System controls are functioning.

3. Software Compliance

To verify compliance, the software performs the following operations:

- Visualize identification data of the system software;

Compare the data obtained with the identification data determined during the tests for the type approval, and specified in the Type Description (Annex to the Type Approval Certificate).

4. Determination of metrological characteristics

- Determination of the basic error

- Determination of variation of indications

- Determination of the output signal settling time

5. Presentation of results in the Calibration Report.

Systems meeting the requirements of this verification procedure are recognized usable. An appropriate mark in the technical documentation (for initial verification) is made, and/or a verification certificate (for periodic verification) is issued pursuant to PR 50.2.006-94. Indicate on the reverse side of the Verification Certificate:

- List of standards to verify the system;

- List of influencing factors indicating the values;

- Metrological characteristics of the System;

- Indication of the availability of the Annex — the Calibration Report (if any);

- Verification date;

- Name of the unit, which performed the verification procedure.

Verification Certificate is signed:

On the front:

- By the Head of the verification unit;

- By the verifier who performed the verification procedure;

On the back:

- By the Head of the unit that performed the verification procedure;

- By the verifier.

With negative results, the system is not allowed for use and sent for repair. The System is marked as unusable in the technical documentation, an established form notice is issued pursuant to PR 50.2.006-94, and the Verification Certificate is withdrawn.

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