Gas monitoring system of the chlorine concentration

Chlorine Production and Use

Chlorine is a poisonous gas of a yellowish-green colour, heavier than air, with a pungent odour and a sweetly “metallic” taste. It is a chemical warfare agent and is capable to harm human health. 

In order to prevent emergencies causing death and serious damage to the health of personnel of enterprises producing or using chlorine, in accordance with the Federal Norms and Rules in the Field of Industrial Safety “Safety Rules for the Production of Chlorine and Chlorine-Containing Media”, it is necessary to use gas detectors for chlorine gas (chlorine detectors): the SKVA-01, SKVA-01M и SKVA-03

Detailed Description of the Composition, Assembly, and Programming of the SKVA-03 System manufactured in the “INKRAM” LLC Research and Production Company

The gas monitoring system provides measurement of the chlorine concentration in air and a light and sound signalling that the threshold concentration values in the air of the controlled object are exceeded, with the information displayed on the LCD touch screen. The system records (archives in the non-volatile memory of the ACM) all cases of gas contamination (exceeding of the threshold values) in the format: date, time, detector No., threshold No., and weather data at the time the threshold values were exceeded.

The system automatically collects and processes information on the concentration of chlorine in air at the installation sites of gas detectors in a volume sufficient to form adequate control actions

Below are typical projects for the installation of a gas detecting system for the control of chlorine vapours.

 images.jpg Chlorine Gas Detector Production Project*

images.jpg Design of a Chlorine Leakage Monitoring System at a Sewage Treatment Plant *

the-difference-between-doc-and-docx-files-01.jpg Project Specifications for the Supervision System over the Chlorine Leakage at an Effluent Treatment Plant*

the-difference-between-doc-and-docx-files-01.jpg Design Recommendations for the SKVA-03 System for Chlorine and Chlorine-Containing Media *

To control the concentration of chlorine and hydrogen chloride in the air of the working area in the absence of a stationary solution, you can use the portable Cl or HCl “Amethyst” Gas Detector.

* The gas detector projects may contain references to documents lapsed due to the constant updating of the regulatory framework. Be careful and update the information.

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