About us

The “INKRAM” LLC Research and Production Company (“Inkram” RPC LLC) has been established in 1993. Nowadays, it holds one of the leading positions in Russia in the sphere of production and supply of equipment and industrial safety systems on a turnkey basis

It’s main activities are:
  • Development and production of gas detectors and gas detecting systems to ensure industrial safety at chemically-, explosive-, and fire-hazardous enterprises, chemical reconnaissance equipment for rescue units of the EMERCOM of Russia, as well as to provide integrated security in places of mass presence of people.
  • Supply of a wide range of gas detectors and gas detecting systems to control the level of explosiveness and maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances in the air of the working area.
  • Performing the R&D work for the Ministry of Defence regarding the creation of a new generation of devices and control systems for maximum permissible concentrations and explosive concentrations of vapours and components of rocket fuels in air.
  • Development of gas detector projects for the installation of equipment and control systems for monitoring emergencies, emergency protection, alarm and warning, as well as software and hardware systems for assessing accident levels at the facility, predicting accident consequences, alerting people and regional units of the EMERCOM of Russia at chemically-, and explosion-hazardous enterprises.
  • Design, manufacture, and commissioning of water breakthrough warning systems for hydraulic structures.
  • Installation and commissioning works at manufactured equipment and systems facilities.
  • Maintenance of the Inkram RPC LLC equipment installed at the facilities.
The main areas of application of equipment manufactured by “Inkram” RPC LLC, its design, installation, and commissioning:
  • ammonia and other refrigeration units (the ammonia, freon, carbon dioxide MPC monitoring);
  • oil depots and terminal complexes (the gasoline and diesel fuel LFL monitoring);
  • indoor motor-car parkings, parking lots, and garages (the carbon monoxide MPC monitoring);
  • boiler houses, power facilities (the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons MPC, LFL monitoring);
  • water utilities (the chlorine MPC monitoring);
  • power plants (the sulphur hexafluoride MPC monitoring);
  • gold mining enterprises (the hydrocyanic acid MPC monitoring);
  • Hydroelectric complexes water-retaining structures (water breakthrough monitoring, warning systems of the local hydroelectric power stations)
  • acids storage and use ;
  • petrochemical and gas complexes facilities (the hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphide MPC, LFL monitoring);
  • battery and chargers rooms (the hydrogen LFL control).