Gas detecting equipment of CHn (or hydrogen sulphide)

Facilities of the petrochemical and oil and gas complexes (hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphide)

In the modern world, almost every area of the economy uses energy such as oil products or natural gas, as well as their derivatives, directly or indirectly. Vapours of these substances are quite explosive and toxic.

Due to the timely detection of hazardous substances in the air, you can avoid explosion or poisoning.

During the production at a drilling site, or hydrocarbon processing, hydrogen sulphide (H2S) or combustible gases can be released, therefore, for safety reasons, the working personnel shall be provided with personal portable gas detectors of hydrogen sulphide and combustible gases. In the premises of the working area or open areas located within the enterprise, stationary type gas detectors of these substances shall also be installed. 

images.jpg  Installation Project of Combustible Gas Detector at a Tank Farm*

the-difference-between-doc-and-docx-files-01.jpg  Project Specifications for the Installation Project of a Gas Detector of Flammable Gases at a Tank Farm*

Oil products are transported by rail, by water or in a pipeline. Regardless of the method of transportation, the constant automatic control of the pre-explosive concentration of flammable gas vapours during the discharge and filling of flammable substances is necessary. The staff is also provided with portable gas detectors for monitoring hydrocarbon vapours.

We propose to consider the following gas detecting equipment of CHn (or hydrogen sulphide):

- SKVA-01M, SKVA-03 Stationary Type Multichannel Gas Detecting Systems;

- SKVA-01-1E Stationary Type Single-Channel Gas Detectors (detecting systems);

- Stationary Type Separate Transducers of Combustible Gases;

- Portable Ex Combustible Gas Detectors Based on the ISM.

* Projects may contain references to documents lapsed due to the constant updating of the regulatory framework. Be careful and update the information.

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