We carry out a full range of activities (turnkey) on the design, delivery, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of gas detecting systems (from the analysis of the technical specifications of the Customer to training of personnel) without involving third-party organizations.
This allows us to reduce your time, and form a “fair” price for you for the supplied system, for the shortest possible time. The minimum necessary participation from the Customer is necessary for the coordination and approval of the certain stages of the development of the gas detecting system. Using this service of our company, you will receive a functionally complete gas detecting system meeting all the requirements of your technical specifications.

  • Design

    The “INKRAM” LLC Research and Production Company carries out a full work cycle on the development of design documentation for installation of the SKVA-1, SKVA-03 Gas Detecting Systems, SIGNAL-02 Systems, and ASKAV Systems at the facilities. Design work involves the following stages of work:

  • Installation

    At the request of the Customers, the “INKRAM” LLC Research and Production Company installs the SKVA-01, SKVA-3, Signal-02, and ASKAV Systems at the facilities both independently and by providing installation supervision services.

    Installation works are carried out by experienced highly qualified full-time employees of the enterprise on the basis of the approved working design documentation and according to the agreed estimates.

    The “INKRAM” LLC Research and Production Company has vast experience in installation work throughout Russia and the CU countries.

  • Service

    Periodic maintenance of gas detector is the key to its high performance and reliability. Maintenance can be performed by both specialists of enterprises and specialists of the “INKRAM” LLC Research and Production Company in accordance with the service regulations.

  • Commissioning

    The commissioning is an obligatory final stage in creating of an efficient gas detecting system, SIGNAL-02 Systems, ASKAV Systems, and warning systems at the enterprise.

    During its work, “INKRAM” LLC Research and Production Company has carried out commissioning work on more than 400 industrial and civil facilities.

  • Verification and Graduation

    The “INKRAM” LLC Research and Production Company provides services for the verification and calibration of equipment.