Transducers — A200, A300, B300, C300, Gas Detectors

Transducers — A200, A300, B300, C300, Gas Detectors

Transducers based on the intelligent sensor modules with a 4 to 20 mA unified current output for measuring the current concentration of gaseous substances in the air of the working area. They can be used both as part of a gas detecting system, and as an independent gas detector.

Data Sheets for the A200 Transducers

Data Sheets for the A300 Transducers

Verification Procedure

Type Approval Certificate

Certificates and Licenses

Type certificate SI SKVA-01M for KAZAKHSTAN (Russian language)

Type certificate SI SKVA-01M for KAZAKHSTAN (Kazakh language)

  • Description
  • Specifications

The A200, A300 Transducers based on intelligent sensor modules are designed for the automatic continuous air control in the working area in order to ensure industrial safety. The A200, A300 Transducers are used as part of the gas detecting system SKVA-01, -03 or as a stand-alone measuring tool for the automated process control systems. The A200, A300, B300, C300 Transducers are introduced to the State Register of Measuring Instruments.


  • Light indication of exceeding the threshold concentration values/transducer failure;
  • Secondary actuators control (only for the C300 Transducers);
  • Live replacement of an ISM in the transducer (replacement time: NMT 1 minute).

Application Area:

  • Chemical, oil, and gas industry;
  • Oil and gas production and processing;
  • Food industry;
  • Metallurgy industry;
  • Housing and utilities;
  • Underground car parkings;
  • water chlorination stations;
  • power engineering;
Measurement Types:
  • electrochemical;
  • thermocatalytic;
  • photoionization;
  • optical absorption (infrared).

  • Measured gases and measuring ranges:
    Transducer Name Measured Gas Measuring range
    A200, A300 Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Detector 0 to 20 mg/m3
    A201, A301 0 to 50 mg/m3
    A203, A303 Ammonia Gas Detector 0 to 100 mg/m3
    A204, A304 0 to 2000 mg/m3
    A205, A305 0 to 600 mg/m3
    A206, A306 0 to 200 mg/m3
    A207, A307 Chlorine Gas Detector 0 to 6 mg/m3
    A208, A308 0 to 50 mg/m3
    A209, A309 0 to 30 mg/m3
    A210, A310 Hydrogen Chloride Gas Detector 0 to 10 mg/m3
    A211, A311 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector 0 to 100 mg/m3
    A212, A312 0 to 1000 mg/m3
    A213, A313 Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detector 0 to 20 mg/m3
    A214, A314 0 to 50 mg/m3
    A215, A315 Sulphur Dioxide Gas Detector 0 to 35 mg/m3
    A216, A316 0 to 100 mg/m3
    A217, A317 Phosgene Gas Detector 0 to 5 mg/m3
    A218, A318 Hydrocyanic Acid Gas Detector 0 to 15 mg/m3
    A219, A319 Oxygen Gas Detector 0 to 30% (by volume)
    A220, A320 Hydrogen Gas Detector 0 to 2% (by volume)
    A221, A325 Phosphine Gas Detector 0 to 10 mg/m3
    A324 Combustible Gas/Vapour Detector 0 to 50% LFL
    A326 0 to 100% LFL
    A327 Organic Gas Detector 0 to 20 mg/m3
    A328 0 to 200 mg/m3
    A329 0 to 2000 mg/m3
    A330 Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector 0 to 5% (by volume)
  • Unified output current signal: 4 to 20 mA;
  • Compatibility with all types of ISM;
  • The measurement range of the controlled gas corresponds to the installed ISM parameters;
  • Explosion-proof design, explosion-proof marking: 1ExibIICT6/1ExdibIICT6;
  • Index of Protection of the housing: IP 54;
  • Operating temperature range: –40/30° C to + 50° C (depending on the ISM type used);
  • Operating range of the relative humidity at a temperature of +25° C: 0 to 98% (depending on the ISM type used);
  • Device weight: NMT 0.5 kg;
  • Sampling procedure: diffused;
Specifications A200 Series

A300 Series

Connection Type Two wire Three wire
Power Supply 12 to 24 V 10 to 24 V
Method of Measurement Electrochemical Electrochemical, optical absorption, photo ionization, thermocatalytic
Availability of relay outputs Unavailable
Body Type Plastic/Metal
Overall Dimensions 150х130х90