“Edelweiss TM”: control of hazardous chemicals, toxic material with the measuring function of γ-radiation

“Edelweiss TM”: control of hazardous chemicals, toxic material with the measuring function of γ-radiation

“Edelweiss” (formerly “Chrysanthemum”) built-in stationary type gas detector to monitor hazardous concentrations of hazardous chemicals and toxic agents, as well as the background radiation level. Designed to be installed in crowded rooms.

Type Approval Certificate

Type Description: Available upon official request of the organization

Verification Procedure:  Available upon official request of the organization

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It is used for continuous automatic monitoring of the air environment as a subsystem of the Radiation and Chemical Control (RHC) as part of the OKSION and SZIONT systems installed in crowded places in order to ensure people’s safety.

Used by units of the EMERCOM of Russia and other law enforcement agencies


  • automatic detection, identification, and control over exceeding threshold concentrations of up to 6 hazardous chemicals and toxic agents in the air of the working area at the same time;
  • automatic detection of the gamma background levels excess;
  • archiving measurement data and threshold exceeded in non-volatile memory;
  • transfer of measurement results to a remote PC.

Application Area:

  • transport infrastructure facilities (subway, railway stations and terminals, bus stations, airports, etc.);
  • shopping and entertainment complexes, sports facilities and structures, crowded places, etc.;
  • cultural and sports facilities and structures.

  • Hazardous chemicals sensor block based on the ISM;
    • Quantity of simultaneously controlled hazardous chemicals: up to 6 pieces;
    • Hazardous chemicals detection threshold: NMT maximum permissible concentration in the air of the working area;
  • Detector of toxic agents (sarin, soman, Vx gases, mustard gas);
  • Gamma radiation detecting unit;
  • Signalling threshold values for the power of a gamma radiation ambient equivalent dose: warning — 0.35 μSv/h; alarming — 1.2 μSv/h;
  • Performance for hazardous chemicals and toxic agents: NMT 15 seconds;
  • Data transfer interfaces: RS485 and Ethernet;
  • The quantity of built-in control relays: up to 8 pcs (optional);
  • Gas sampling procedure: forced;
  • Automated sensor identification system based on the ISM and measurement channel settings;
  • Operating temperature range: –40° C to +50° C;
  • Device weight: NMT 7 kg;
  • Overall Dimensions:
    • 665 x 1,092 x 100 (supplied without housing)
    • 457 x 501 x 191 (supplied with housing)
  • The range of gas concentration measurements, limits of the permissible absolute measurement error are determined by the characteristics of the IMS, toxic agents detector, and the high-level dose rate detector of the ambient equivalent gamma radiation installed.