“Corundum”: simultaneous control over 5 gas types

“Corundum”: simultaneous control over 5 gas types

A portable five-component gas detector based on the intelligent sensor modules for simultaneous measurement of the concentrations of up to five gas types with the possibility of remote gas sampling.

“Corundum” Gas Detector Operation Manual

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Portable Gas Detector of 4 or 5 gas types. The “Corundum” is used for automatic monitoring of the air in the working area in order to ensure the industrial safety of facilities, and during emergency rescue operations, including during the emergencies management.


  • Automatic detection, identification, and control over the exceeding of the threshold concentrations of up to five gas types simultaneously, including hazardous chemicals, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, organic substances, and combustible gases;
  • Displaying data on the measured component concentrations, exceeding of the threshold concentration values and monitoring data, on the display;
  • Viewing the IMS parameters (type of a measured gas, expiration date, recommended date of the next verification, and the values of the thresholds pre-set);
  • Calculation of the weighted average concentration value for each of the measured components;
  • Possibility of a “hot” replacement of the IMS;
  • Archiving data on the measurement and the exceeding of the thresholds, in non-volatile memory;
  • Sound and light alarm when the concentration values thresholds of measured components are exceeded;
  • Automatic failure diagnostics, ISM resource control;
  • Transfer archive data to a PC.

Application Area:

  • EMERCOM units;
  • Gas rescue services;
  • Housing and utilities;
  • Chemical and oil industry;
  • Oil and gas production and processing;
  • Metallurgy industry.
  • Quantity of simultaneously installed ISMs: up to 5 pieces;
  • Range of gas concentration measurements are determined by the characteristics of the IMS installed;
  • Solid aluminium housing, degree of housing protection: IP54;
  • Explosion-proof design, explosion-proof marking: 1 Ex ib IIB T3 Gb X/1 Ex d ib IIB T3 Gb X;
  • Gas sampling procedure: forced;
  • ISM Automatic Identification System;
  • Monochrome low-temperature graphic OLED display;
  • Built-in emergency light and sound alarm;
  • USB port for connecting to a computer;
  • Operating temperature range: –40/–30 to + 45° C (depending on the ISM type used);
  • Time of continuous operation of the gas detector powered from battery: NLT 21 hours;
  • Device weight: NMT 2.5 kg;