"Gamma X3" medical gas detector

"Gamma X3" medical gas detector

A medical gas detector based on a new generation of the gas-sensitive sensors, namely a metallic dielectric semiconductor sensor (MDS-sensor) for diagnosing a patient’s infection with Helicobacter pylori bacterium.

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The Gamma-x3 medical gas detector is designed to diagnose a patient’s infection with Helicobacter pylori by registering changes in the concentration of ammonia in the sample of the exhaled air before and after the patient receives a portion of normal isotopic composition urea. The high sensitivity and specificity of the breath test using Gamma-x3 is determined by a new type of gas-sensitive sensor, namely an MDS sensor, which provides long-term stability of readings, as well as a long service lifetime of the gas detector.

Scope: clinical diagnostic laboratories of healthcare institutions.

Overall gas detector dimensions, mm: NMT 260х170х230;

Device weight: NMT 3 kg;

Sensitivity of the breath test: 80%;

Specificity of the breath test: 74%;